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Monthly Statistics
CategoryCurrent Number
Total number of cases20602
Total number of active cases8104
Total number of inactive cases12500
Total number of Tier-3 cases283
Total number of Tier-2 cases3142
Total number of Tier-1 cases2270
Total number of Tier-0 cases2406
Total number out of compliance with state law.
These are known sex offenders being tracked by the
Sex Offender Registry who have not complied with
the annual reverification process or are known to reside
in Nevada and have not registered as a sex offender.
Number of offenders not complying with 179D.460
Known Sex Offenders residing in Nevada who have
not registered.
Number of offenders not complying with 179D.470
Offenders giving false or misleading information
regarding residence and/or employment.
Number of offenders not complying with 179D.480
Offenders not complying with the annual reverification
Number of new SOR cases in the past month116
Number of site visits this month14651
Number of site visits this year3642608
Statistics last updated on2016-04-01